New Treatments

Skinwork Sculpt


introducing skinwork sculpt


Our new deep sculpting facial massage

£130 • 55min


Releasing muscle tension, draining, defining, plumping and lifting - working all the way from the chest to the hairline.

We are excited to introduce our new SKINWORK Sculpt treatment, we have designed and perfected this unique massage so you will see and feel the visible and therapeutic benefits.

SKINWORK Sculpt incorporates our signature anti-bac pore extraction, ensuring a thorough extraction to clear the skin of all congestion then beginning the SKINWORK Sculpt facial massage.

We work on chest, neck, jawline, chin, cheeks, lips, eyes, forehead and scalp – stretching, kneading, pinching, draining, lifting and sculpting for a relaxed and revived complexion.

SKINWORK Sculpt can also be added to any of our Signature Facials, with a 15min add-on or the ultimate 30min add-on.